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Frequently Asked Questions

How does RideSourceNW work?

RideSourceNW is designed to connect passengers and advocates to transportation providers and resources that match their unique mobility and transportation needs. In addition, the site is designed to promote coordination and collaboration among providers and regional mobility management, travel options counseling and travel training professionals. The site can be used to search transportation providers that meet specific needs, connect passengers or industry professionals. The site features three options to make connections: 1) Find a list of transportation providers that meet your unique transportation, destination and mobility needs by using the "Find My Ride Options" search feature! Your search will include transportation providers that meet your selections, as well as your region's mobility management, travel training and transportation assistance resources; 2) Use the county-selector to find your region's Mobility Management professional. Your region's mobility manager or mobility management professional can help you navigate the various transportation options, and help you find which would work best for you. This is a great feature when traveling across multiple county lines, or when you need to speak with someone who can help you map the courses that best meet your needs. 3) Need additional assistance or prefer using the phone to get started? No problem! Dial 2-1-1 to speak with a Community Information Specialist to get started down the right path.

What is a Mobility Manager? 

A mobility manager (or travel trainer, or someone with a similar title) is normally responsible for promoting awareness and coordination of regional transportation services and options. Most counties or regions throughout Washington State have a mobility management professional focused on identifying and addressing mobility and transportation needs in that region. 

What is Travel Training/Travel Options Counseling?

Riding the bus can be tricky, especially for someone who is new to the area or who has limited mobility. However, Travel Training programs and Travel Options Counseling programs can help riders learn how to ride the bus, navigate schedules and routes, and find out what other transportation options might work best for specific needs (for example a doctor's appointment versus a night out on the town or going to work). 

What is Community/Specialized Transportation?

In general, Community and Specialized Transportation encompasses a wide range of transportation modes that are designed to meet the needs of certain communities, as well as specific individual needs. For example, a Senior Center's bus service could be considered "Specialized Transportation", while a fixed route medical shuttle could be considered "Community Transportation". Community/Specialized Transportation often refers to modes of transportation that are not independently-owned and operated vehicles. But that's not always the case, either. For example, an individual may have a "specialized" personal vehicle equipped for drivers without legs, and "Community/Specialized Transportation Programs" might offer gas vouchers for individuals with lower incomes, or bicycles as part of an employment program. Essentially, Community/Specialized Transportation is designed to ensure all people are able to meet their destination of choice (or need), regardless of age, income, ability, mode of transportation, provider source, payer source or geographic location. 

I'm a Transportation Provider, how can I get added if I'm not already?

RideSourceNW is open to all transportation providers in the Northwest, including community agencies, for-hire/for-profit agencies, public transit agencies, tribal transit agencies and more. One of the best ways to be added is to contact your local/regional mobility management professional (from the main page). This way, your regional mobility management program is sure to be aware of your transportation services. You can also join by emailing CTANW at info@ctanw.org, and we'll send you a form to sign-up! 

I had really great (or not so great) transportation experience! Who should I contact?

RideSourceNW encourages passengers and advocates to connect directly with providers and/or mobility management professionals in their area.

There are several providers that match my search options. How do I select the right one for me?

Search options can help you filter your search by identifying your service area, trip requirements and more. However, when multiple providers match your options, you can explore further. Consider things like pricing, organizational values and mission statement, provider type, and the kinds of vehicles you prefer. 

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