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About Us

RideSourceNW is a program of Community Transportation Association of the Northwest (CTANW). 

CTANW's mission is to bring together organizations, agencies, groups and individuals engaged in providing, developing and sustaining community transportation programs to enhance mobility and equalize opportunity for people with a variety of specialized transportation needs.

The purpose of RideSourceNW is to:

  • Compile Washington's community and specialized transportation options;
  • Link passengers throughout the Northwest with transportation options to meet their own unique needs;
  • Connect passengers and social and community service agencies to their region's Mobility Management & Travel Training professionals;
  • Assist social services, transportation providers, and public agencies in coordinating transportation trips and services;
  • Promote coordination among mobility managers, travel trainers, and community and specialized transportation providers.

For more information about CTANW, please visit us at www.ctanw.org.

Our Partners

Special Thanks to Our Partners

This program was developed with funding support from the Washington State Department of Transportation's Rural Transportation Assistance Program and guided by a steering committee of community agencies, including: 

User Agreement

The information contained within this platform is provided for the purposes and goals listed on our site. Users agree to use the information solely for its intended purposes

All information provided on the RideSourceNW web portal, including all subdomains, is strictly for informational purposes only. While every effort is made to ensure that the information provided herein is accurate there may be instances of inaccurate information. CTANW encourages you to report inaccuracies to info@ctanw.org. Users agree to confirm information prior to engaging in financial, legal or actual trip planning purposes, and agree to forever hold harmless and indemnify CTANW, its board, staff, volunteers, partners or assigns. Further, by your continued use of the website you explicitly agree that information provided herein is not nor should ever be relied upon as emergency, legal, financial, or professional services. This web portal is provided for convenience of information dissemination only and is not intended nor should it be relied upon for any other purpose. As the user, you hold CTANW harmless of any liability that may arise out of the use of RideSourceNW or other CTANW provided online services. CTANW claims no responsibility for quality of services provided by those listed herein, however, CTANW does encourage users to address concerns with the provider directly should any arise.

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